Curi Cancha Reserve - Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
If you are interested in learning and discovering the secrets that nature has to offer the natural history walk is perfect. It takes approximately three hours and consists of walking through the trails in either the reserves Curi-Cancha or Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve in the upper Monteverde zone. You can either choose which reserve to hike or we can always recommend one for you.
During the walk, our guide will talk about the perfect intertwined relationship between Flora and Fauna. As we hike the trails, there are opportunities to spot Monteverde’s wildlife.

**Reserve Fees**
Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve:
-$20 per person
-$10 for students with proper ID
Curi Cancha:
-$14 per person
-$10 for students with proper ID
Tour Info
  • The tour begins at 7:30 am and 1:30 pm. We recommend the morning hike (7:30 am).
  • This tour last approximately 3 hours.
  • Transportation can be arranged.
  • Number of people 1 to 10 persons
  • Ticket fee to the Reserves not included*
  • Private and shared tours are offered according to your needs and preferences
Pricing and availability
Ask for pricing and availability, Oscar will mail you back as soon as possible
Need help booking?
You can book your tour here. If you are having problems booking you can email us at or call us.