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Tour Guide Oscar Castillo
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Oscar Castillo

My name is Oscar Castillo. For almost 20 years, I have been working in Monteverde as a Professional Bilingual Naturalist Guide, certified by the Costa Rican Tourism Board (License #1090). Since then, I have also worked with leading institutions in fields such as ecotourism, conservation, and environmental education.

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Monteverde is unique because of the high level of endemism that makes these forests one of the most biodiverse places in the world. I have been navigating Monteverde’s forests for over 20 years participating in a variety of nature field work, including bird inventory, amphibian inventory, guiding nature hikes, night tours, and birding tours. I am forever in love with nature and would be happy to share the wonders of Monteverde with you.

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Private Birdwatching

This private tour is recommended for birders, as well as for people who just enjoy seeing birds. It takes place in either Curi-Cancha Reserve or the world famous Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve...See more

Private Full Day Tour

This tour was designed for nature lovers – people who love to spend the whole day in nature walking, discovering, and learning about Monteverde’s flora and fauna...See more

Nature Tour

If you are interested in learning and discovering nature’s secrets, the Nature Tour would be perfect for you. For this tour, we walk the trails of either Curi-Cancha or Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve…See more

Night Tour

Night hikes are one of the most recommended activities to do in the Monteverde area. At dusk, most of the diurnal fauna look for the best place to rest. It is also the time when nocturnal creatures begin to appear...See more

Private Guided Tours

We also offer private tours. If you want to enjoy the convenience of a tour for your family or friends without worrying about more people, you...See more

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People saying

This was one of the best eco-tours I’ve taken to date. Oscar is a first-rate guide, highly knowledgeable about indigenous wildlife and flora of Costa Rica and Monteverde, and about the specific preserves where you might be able to find specific species you might be hoping to see as well. He’s also just an all-around great person to spend a great day with, and he works really hard to make sure you get the most from your time with him. Highly recommend Oscar!

Josh Pelta-Heller


We booked a night tour and spotted many animals that otherwise we would have never seen. We got to know Oscar as an intelligent, friendly, interested person, with whom we had great conversations with. He is really knowledgeable and has many years of experience in his field. Really cares of providing the best, so passionate about what he does.
We would definitely recommend to take a tour with him 🙂
Thanks Nasua Tours! 🙂

Dora & Peter


Oscar is a gentleman and a scholar. He guided my wife and I on a birding tour thru Curi Cancha Preserve in Feb 2020 and we highly, highly recommend!

He taught us so much not only about birds, their songs and sounds, but also about the flora & fauna of the area as well. His passion was evident from the start of our trip and you can tell from his encounters with the other guides that he is highly respected amongst his peers. Thank you!

Colin Cowing

Certificate of Excellence


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