Bird Watching Tour

Bird Watching

The birding tour last around 5 hours walking through Monteverde’s Preserves (Curi-Cancha Reserve or Monteverde Cloud forest Biological Reserve). The tour is recommended for birders or as well for people who enjoy seeing birds.
“Costa Rica may be the only country in the world to have so many birds species and habitats accessible within such small area no longer than West Virginia. Costa Rica boasts an avifauna of more than 900 species more than in all North America north of Mexico” -According to A GUIDE OF THE BIRDS OF COSTA RICA By GARY STILES and ALEXANDER SKUTCH.
Depending of the time of the year we can see migratory birds, birds nesting or even sometimes birds eating right at the parking lots of the Preserves(Curi-Cancha or Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve). During the hike always the guide will keep an eye in the trees with fruits. Monteverde because of its geographical position has influence of both slopes, Caribbean and Pacific (this produces Monteverde´s microclimate). This microclimate allows trees to produce fruits at several different protected Reserves in Monteverde´s areas.One of the most diverse and important species of trees around the area belong to the family LAURACEAE (occur in the highest abundance and diversity in Costa Rica´s Cloud Forest) this is the family of the edible avocado for humans and it provides fruits to frugivorous birds such as Quetzal, Bellbirds, Guans.

Tour Info

We’ll always recommend you the best  spots/reserves for birding according to you bird list, target species or expectations. 

Private and shared tours are offered according to your needs and preferences.

Transportation can be arranged.

Private tours are offered.


The tour begins at 6:00 am and takes about 5 hours.

What’s Included:

– Professional bilingual guide certified by the Costa Rica’s Tourism Chamber.

– Spotting scope / spotting telescope.

– Tour location at Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve or Curi Cancha Reserve.

– Tickets/Entrance fee areNOT included.

What To Bring:

– Water proof jacket.

– Camera or smartphone fully charged.

– Hiking Shoes.

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